All data, both at transport and storage levels, are encrypted using advanced encryption standards. Our platform also supports biometric authentication of students – Iris, Fingerprint and Camera. The exam app works only in a full lockdown mode during exams. This is a built-in function and does not require any third-party secure browser.

Students can write on paper as well. And capture the paper answer responses through the laptop, tablet or mobile camera and link it to the relevant question in the LM Exam Suite with ease.

With high proliferation of cutting-edge technologies in the education sector, LM Exam Suite assists educational institutions to unlock the true power of qualitative exams and assessments. Capture student lab, field sessions with ease as part of the assessment and exams. Assess student speech skills with audio and video responses to questions. This opens immense opportunities for educational institutions to improve the learning outcomes through assessments and exams.


Students don’t need any tools for writing an exam on our exam app. Geometric tools, graphs, charts, shapes, color palette, highlighters, calculators, etc, are built in functions available in the app and currently being used by more than 100,000 students with ease.

LM Exam Suite offers support for multiple question types including multimedia questions. Use the question banking feature to create automatic unique question papers for every student. Simple to use browser-based question authoring module with support for mathematical formulas, symbols and more. Add PDF documents for open book exams, periodic tables and other reference materials as well. Loaded with many features, you can also import questions and MathML through MS Word templates.

Automatic marking of objective type responses is a standard feature. In addition to that, LM Exam Suite offers a user-friendly descriptive answer evaluation module for faculty members. Faculty members can mark, annotate, and use slider scale for assigning scores. The evaluation module ensures zero tabulation errors, zero loss of answer scripts and high throughput. With support for multiple reevaluations and moderation, LM’s digital evaluation module cuts down months of faculty time to just a few hours. More than 60 million answer pages have been digitally evaluated on our platform successfully.

Proctoring is the key ask of all educational institutions as education has moved to student homes due to the pandemic. LM Exam Suite supports live stream proctoring as well as asynchronous proctoring. Backed by intelligent AI/ ML algorithms, teachers/ exam administrators now have a choice of proctoring the students live or do exception-based malpractice detection during evaluation of answer scripts of students, with asynchronous proctoring. With support for 2 cameras to proctor students, our proctoring solutions makes proctoring extremely effective and easier for Institutions.

Live proctoring, while it gives more comfort to Institutions, is a very tedious process for the faculty members and intrusive/ anxiety driver for the students. “Proctoring fatigue” is a common symptom reported by many faculty members. Students are increasingly becoming wary of privacy intrusions during live proctoring with incidents of proctor misbehavior being reported worldwide.

LM Exam Suite offers exception-based proctor flipbooks with automatic alerts on suspected malpractices. Proctor flipbooks are available in the answer script evaluation module. Faculty members need to view student activities during evaluation only for system driven malpractice alerts. This substantially reduces the time required by the faculty members to detect malpractices. With 2 camera support, students can now be monitored both through the device camera and an external camera with a view of the room.


LM Exam Suite captures millions of exam data points which unlocks a treasure trove of exam intelligence. Institutions, faculty members and students can mine, slice and dice this data to achieve deep insights into exam performance and learning outcomes. Our platform also supports a detailed digital audit trail of each student exam session which can be used for post exam analysis.

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