The Pandemic Challenges
• Suspension of Educational Institutions across the world due to Covid 19
• Shortened Academic Cycles
• Paper based Exams from Home a tedious and highly porous process
• Unpredictable outcomes on computer-based online Exams from Home and Remote Proctoring due to unreliable Internet Connectivity

PEXA Lite – How it Overcomes the Challenges
• Secure and Reliable “Exams – from – home” now a reality
• Limited Internet Connectivity – PEXA Lite is an asynchronous hybrid exam offering, which enables exams to be delivered without disruption
• Device Agnostic – PEXA Lite is a Device Agnostic solution, designed to deliver exams on Student Laptops, Tabs and Smartphones – at Home.
• Device Fail-over – In a situation of Device Restart, the Exam will start from the same point with Zero loss of Data & Time.
• Reliable Digital Proctoring – Intelligent traceability algorithms help identify acts of malpractices and raise Flags for further scrutiny of the event.
• Data Encryption – Advanced Encryption ensures no Question Paper Leakages and Answer Sheet manipulation.
• Authoring & Evaluation – Faculty will continue to use our PEXA Platform for Authoring and Marking of Digital Answer Scripts online.

• Secure Exam Environment
• 2 Factor Authentication
• Offline Login to Start Exam in the event of connectivity disruption
• Different Question types supported: 1.Objective Type / Multiple Choice 2.Match the following 3.One Word Answer 4.Essay type 5.Audio / Video
• Time based question/section display and responses
• Draw/Geometrical Shapes/Annotate (inside Drawing Block) with a Finger on Touchscreen Laptops, Tabs & Smartphones; with a Mouse on PC & Standard Laptops
• Speech to Text (Optional) – Connectivity required

• Digital Proctoring – Laptop Camera / Web Cam and Microphone will record the entire exam session
• Post Exam Red flagging on patterns of suspicious activity
• Support for remote proctoring (Connectivity required)

• Advanced Data Encryption – Zero tampering of data, Zero threat on Question paper leakage
• Post exam upload of answer script

• Internet disruption – Zero impact on exam session
• Device disruption – Resume Exam with zero loss of Data and Time

• Windows / Android
• Desktop PCs / Laptops / Tablets / Smartphones

Please write to us at: pexalite@littlemoreinnovation.com