Digital Paperless Examinations - YOU can
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End-to- end solution for semester
examinations at Universities and Colleges
The first solution of its kind
for descriptive examinations


Make headlines for the right reasons with the PEXA Ecosystem.

Screen shot from an actual examination answer on DigiTaal.

Semester examinations, both mid-term and end-term are today being conducted the same way as they have been forever and are fraught with several challenges. We know that you have been trying to modernise your examination system. However, the lack of good, robust, reliable and credible systems and technology has frustrated your efforts so far.

Not anymore!

As perhaps the only company in the world with a digital paperless examinations solution, we are delighted to introduce you to the world of possibilities in transforming the examinations process in your institution, resulting in greater efficiency, security, transparency, accuracy
and environmental responsibility.

Join the leading universities that have implemented our solution successfully

Make headlines for all the right reasons with the revolutionary PEXA Ecosystem.

Delivered over 2.5 million examinations
55 million plus pages written!

Proven Efficiency

QP Authoring (Per QP) 3 Days 10 to 20mins
QP Delivery 3 Days 15 Mins
Answer Script 15 Days 30 Mins
Distribution/Upload & Answer Script Evaluation 15 Days to 3 Months 1 Week
Answer Script Storage Huge Space Required No real estate required
Results Publishing 30 Days Immediate
Start to end Exam Cycle >4 Months 15 to 20 Days
Re-evaluation Additional Cost and Time No additional Cost
Multi-media led Questions Not Possible Enabled
Randomising Evaluation of Answer Scripts Not Possible Enabled
Evaluation Checks at Multiple Points Time wasted by faculty No additional Time
Answer Book view and Evaluation Often not available Available through the cloud
Hidden Costs and Risks High Close to Nil
Process Inefficiencies High Mostly Eliminated
Academic Versatility Constrained by paper Extremely Rich

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