Pandemic-proof business continuity exam platform

LM Exam Suite can be used from anywhere – from home, from campus or test center. Seamless switching for Institutions to any location of choice. It is a pandemic proof business continuity exam platform. Same question paper at multiple endpoints for the students with the same user experience.


Internet is required only to start the exam session. Once it is started the exams can continue undisrupted even if the internet fails. Encrypted answer scripts can be uploaded once the internet is restored.

Screen shot from an actual examination answer on DigiTaal.


No more compromises on the quality of assessments and exams. Add digital handwriting to your assessments and exams with stylus input. Students can now write descriptive responses to questions in their own native handwriting using stylus on tablets like iPad with Pencil, or on 2-in-1 laptop with stylus support like Dell, Microsoft, HP 2-in-1 laptops and Littlemore’s DigiTaal, the world’s first exam only device.

Writing formulas, symbols equations, essays, drawing shapes, figures etc. are integral part of paper exams and critical for assessing student’s subject knowledge. LM Exam Suite is the only exam platform currently offering digital handwriting support. We also offer OEM 2-in-1 laptops and LM’s DigiTaal devices on sale to Institutions at deep discounted education pricing. Please write to us for more information.

Delivered over 3 million examinations
60 million plus pages written!

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